Flat Feet In Children

Flat Feet In Children

Flat Feet In Children
May 14, 2019 Lynne Luck Leave a comment


Many parents are concerned about their children’s feet and frequently ask podiatrists why their child has flat feet and what they should do about it?

Young children (up to 8 years of age), often have flat feet and this is considered a normal part of their development and should improve as they grow and get older.

By the age of 8, muscles are stronger, arches have developed, feet become less flexible and flat feet should improve.

In children, flat foot pain is treated to ease the symptoms. We can offer advice on footwear, stretching exercises and orthoses.

If there is no pain in the feet but there are some changes to the shape of the foot, close monitoring of your child’s foot will be required.

If you ever have concerns about your child’s flat feet or if the flat feet cause pain or developmental delays, then you should seek professional advice from one of our podiatrists in Sydney.

We will assess your child’s feet and discuss possible treatment options with you to put your mind at ease.

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