How Custom Orthotics Can Transform A Patient’s Life

How Custom Orthotics Can Transform A Patient’s Life

How Custom Orthotics Can Transform A Patient’s Life
June 18, 2020 sydneypodiatry


Living with foot and lower leg pain can have a huge negative impact on your daily life. You may find that even just a short walk may cause you excessive amounts of pain.

At Free Your Feet Podiatry, we have treated many patients with foot and lower leg pain by prescribing custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics have the power to transform a patient’s life in the following ways:

Offer Support For High Arches

If you have high arches, you will know the struggle of finding shoes that fit your feet correctly. Shoes that do not offer enough arch support put unnecessary strain on your joints and place stress on various parts of the body. By getting the arch support through custom orthotics, you’ll provide your body with a solid foundation and should find walking and moving around far more comfortable.

Minimising Body Pain

Custom orthotics are primarily made for foot and lower leg pain and conditions but wearing custom orthotics can help minimise and alleviate general body pain too. This is because orthotics aim at aligning your body properly and giving you a strong foundation, relieving you of joint and back pain.

Minimise Bunions and Calluses

Bunions and calluses are often caused by wearing the wrong size shoes. As custom orthotics aim at giving you all the support that you need in your footwear, they can help reduce cases of bunions and calluses. Of course, proper foot care also plays a role in these conditions but custom orthotics are a great place to start.

Correct Flat Feet

Flat feet can cause an array of unwelcome issues and pain as flat feet put a lot of pressure on the feet. Flat feet also put the body out of alignment which can cause back and joint pain. Custom orthotics do a fantastic job of correcting flat feet and treating the issues that come along with this condition.

Interested in custom orthotics by a professional Hills podiatry service? Our specialists at Free Your Feet Podiatry provide expertly made custom orthotics freeing you from further pain and discomfort. Contact us today!