How Do You Know When To Remove An Infected Toenail

How Do You Know When To Remove An Infected Toenail

How Do You Know When To Remove An Infected Toenail
October 30, 2020 sydneypodiatry



An infected toenail can cause pain and discomfort and this can range from being treatable at home to quite serious and in need of some professional assistance.

So, how does one know when it is time to visit the podiatrist? Firstly, let us investigate how this type of infection can occur. The most common cause is from an ingrown toenail which is when the edges of the nail grow into the skin that surrounds it.

Other causes could be from a sporting injury, or maybe the shoes you chose to wear were not a good, comfortable fit for your foot. You may be a diabetic whose immune system struggles to fight off such infections from occurring. But how do you know when to seek professional help? Let us take a closer look.

Red, Swollen Toe That Is Oozing Pus

No matter what the cause, your toe may be infected if it is red and swollen or oozing pus. When these symptoms occur, it may indicate that your toenail requires medical intervention. If you have noticed these symptoms, we recommend you make an appointment with your podiatrist right away.

You Develop A Fever

A fever and red streaks on your skin leading away from the swollen area is a sure sign that you have a nasty infection and it may get increasingly worse. To alleviate the infection, fever and pain, it is best to visit a professional and it may be advised that removal of the toenail is your best option.

You Are A Diabetic

If you have diabetes, it is best that you do not take any chances. Diabetes makes it much harder for problem areas to heal, even when using home remedies. To ensure your wellbeing, you should consider seeing a podiatrist in the early stages of an ingrown or infected toenail.

An infected or ingrown toenail may cause major discomfort that can have the ability to hinder daily life for individuals. At Free Your Feet Podiatry, we strive to give the best advice and deliver stellar medical services to all our patients. Contact us today if you are seeking the removal of a toenail or for any other enquiries.