How Does Podiatry Medicare Work?

How Does Podiatry Medicare Work?

How Does Podiatry Medicare Work?
April 29, 2021 sydneypodiatry

Free Your Feet Podiatry knows that medical care can be expensive and stressful, even more so when it concerns the treatment of your feet. Podiatry Medicare offers a supportive solution to those Australians who need repetitive and complex foot care.

More About The Australian Medicare System

Medicare is a government funding program that was introduced in 1999, which is commonly referred to as the CDM (Chronic Disease Management) Program or sometimes referred to as EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) or TCA (Team Care Arrangement). This program allows patients a rebate on their care for up to five consultations per year to any referred allied health practitioner.

These services include dietetics, speech pathology, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and podiatry, amongst others. You will absolutely need to have a referral from your GP (General Practitioner), which will be based on your eligibility and care level needed. Your referral will need to be refreshed annually and can be spread across the various services, for example, two podiatry consults and three physiotherapy consults, in order to maximise the rebate benefit.

Who Is Eligible For A Medicare Rebate

This program has been put in place specifically for those patients that have chronic conditions or require complex care managed by a medical practitioner. A chronic condition is defined as one that has been present for at least six months, and complex care refers to ongoing care from a multidisciplinary medical team. Chronic conditions that qualify include diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular illness, cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, and asthma. You can read more about the relevant Medicare benefits schedule here. The Medicare rebate will cover up to 85% of the fee, for example: Fee: $64.20 Benefit: 85% = $54.60.

Choose Free Your Feet Podiatry For All Your Podiatry Needs And Comfort

We know feet! Free Your Feet Podiatry has been a family run general and sports podiatry private practice in Sydney for over 25 years. Not only do we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and expertise but on our superior level of patient care. From clinical care to bespoke orthotics, we offer detailed and personalised care for all your podiatric needs.

Contact us today to discuss your options for podiatry medicare or to book a consultation. You can reach us by calling 02 96803646, e-mailing, or using our convenient-to-use contact form here. Our friendly and helpful team is looking forward to hearing from you soon!