It’s Summer. Pedicure or Podiatry: Which To Choose?

It’s Summer. Pedicure or Podiatry: Which To Choose?

It’s Summer. Pedicure or Podiatry: Which To Choose?
December 24, 2020 sydneypodiatry


Let’s be frank. Our feet get a large dose of being ignored. They might even call us selfish and ungrateful. If we book a pedicure, we see it as a treat or a luxury.

Looking after your feet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In fact, you can get a Podiatry Pedicure. A salon might see skin thickening as due to the wrong shoes. A podiatrist would do a foot check for diabetes, check if it was related thickening and possibly save your foot. Poor foot positioning can cause terrible knee pains. A custom foot orthosis can be created, saving you from unnecessary knee surgery.

But now what is this new term we have introduced you to? Podiatry Pedicure is also called a Medical Pedicure. Yes, it is different from a beauty salon pedicure because we don’t do nail polish. Trust us; you wouldn’t want us doing the nail polish. It is a non-invasive, dry procedure done by a highly specialised, medical practitioner. The huge benefit you get is that they can pick up health issues which would be overlooked at a salon such as bad posture, poor circulation and other afflictions.

Most people only go to a podiatrist when there is a problem which they can’t bear anymore after months of putting up with it! It may have become an ulcer or something more complicated. You might have delayed the appointment because you think people will shriek when you remove your shoes. Trust us; we have seen feet from ALL walks of life, advocates. We’re medical people, not fashion photographers.

The MEDI PEDI And What To Expect

First, let’s discuss the outcome: you will leave with very smart looking feet that are as soft as ‘choose your favourite phrase here’. You will definitely be summer-ready.

During the MEDI PEDI, you can have the following challenges resolved:

Thick skin and nails as well as a medical diagnosis of the cause of this.
Damaged and/or weakened nails and a check on whether there is an underlying infection.
Warts, blisters, calluses and corns can be treated, which are not all treated in a salon.
Athlete’s foot which would cause a rejected appointment at a salon
Splinters, we’ll be gentle we promise.
Ingrown toenails and treatment for any infection – this should not be addressed in a beauty salon.
Yellow nails and a medical diagnosis of the cause.
And everyone’s bugbear, cracked heels and a medical diagnosis of the cause of this as it’s not always about “going barefoot”.

We have more advanced equipment and more medical knowledge to get those feet back down to being soft and healthy’. Beauticians shouldn’t use our techniques as they could mistakenly cause more damage than help.

It is a swift process, so don’t use time as an excuse to dodge the deal. You’ll have enough time to finish your flat white, check some messages and then bob’s your uncle. Off you go.

You will feel lighter, brighter and float out to face the world anew.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit a beauty salon. Definitely treat your feet besties to a massage and a regular exfoliation in between your MEDI PEDIs.

So, order those sandals and book an appointment with Free Your Feet [insert contact page hyperlink]. For a MEDI PEDI by a professional book with us at Free Your Feet Hills podiatry.