Reasons Why It’s Crucial To Have Regular Foot Checks If You Have Diabetes

Reasons Why It’s Crucial To Have Regular Foot Checks If You Have Diabetes

Reasons Why It’s Crucial To Have Regular Foot Checks If You Have Diabetes
October 26, 2020 sydneypodiatry


Diabetes is one of the most common and problematic illnesses the modern world faces today. This is due to the high-pressure lifestyles many people face and the struggle with unhealthy food choices, non-existent or minimal fractions of physical activity which in turn, leads to a higher chance of developing the illness. If you have diabetes, you may be treating it via the use of an insulin shot, other forms of medication or lifestyle changes. However, the problem is that those suffering have an increased risk of developing other medical problems, with foot issues being a big part of that category. That is why patients need to make it a top priority to receive regular foot check-ups from their podiatrists.

Let us take a closer look at why this is so necessary for diabetes sufferers.

Healing Is A Slower Process

The nature of diabetes is that it makes the healing process of any injury a much slower and harder journey. This is because it has an effect on your blood circulation schematics which in turn slows down the body’s healing process. Now, because our legs and feet are used so frequently, they are in turn a high-risk area of the body, making it necessary to do regular checks to locate any problems or injuries before they worsen.

Potential Damage To The Brain

Diabetes may have serious consequences to the brain’s structure and function. Over time, sufferers may have increased damage to the blood vessels especially the small blood vessels in the brain. This damage affects the brain’s white matter and may cause vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can cause numbing of the feet, which can make suffers unaware that something may be wrong with their feet. A patient may have an infection but may not feel the pain and receive the necessary treatment. In that case, they may leave it for extended periods, causing it to worsen and even spread, which can be extremely dangerous for somebody whose body struggles to resist against infections and injuries.

If you or someone you love has diabetes, it is strongly recommended that you make a point to schedule regular foot checks with your podiatrist. Contact Free Your Feet Podiatry to book a consultation.