When Is It Necessary For Children To See A Podiatrist?

When Is It Necessary For Children To See A Podiatrist?

When we think of podiatrists, we commonly associate their profession with athletes and the older generation of society.

Yes, many athletes and older people do need treatment from professional podiatrists but podiatrists can be a more common doctor to visit than you might think!

Have you ever considered the need for a child to visit a podiatrist? A podiatrist for kids is a professional foot doctor that is trained to diagnose, treat and help prevent the development of a growth issue, disorder or disease. At the very least, they can reassure you that all is well!

Here is a list of the most common childhood foot disorders and their symptoms so that you may evaluate whether to book that appointment with your local podiatrist for your children.

Flat Feet

Most babies do not have a distinguishable arch but if by the time your child is a toddler, you have not started to see an arch developing, your child may suffer from flat feet. While flat feet usually don’t cause too many issues, they can be a cause of pain in children. You may also notice your child’s ankles turning inwards-this may be a sign of flat feet.

Torsional Imbalances In Children

Also known as having ‘pigeon feet’. If you have noticed your child walking with their toes pointed inwards, they may have internal tibial torsion. This happens when the tibia bone is rotated due to the femur being more curved than average. Your child will typically ‘grow out’ of this issue but this may be a sign of underlying medical problems. It is always best to contact a professional to gain a medical opinion.

Sports Injuries In Children

Children who play sports may suffer from developmental issues or over usage of their feet which can lead to the development of a foot disorder. It is common to see a podiatrist to ensure your child is wearing the correct footwear to support them while they play and to ensure that their feet are not harmed during their after school activities.

As parents, we know that your child’s happiness, comfort and health are of the utmost importance to you.

To book an appointment with one of our podiatrists for any of the above issues or just a regular check-up to ensure your baby’s feet are healthy and happy, contact us at Free Your Feet Podiatry today!